In the world of real estate investing, there are many players. I learned one aspect of this lesson the hard way when I was just getting started in the business.

Know your role

It was our first house rehab and I was doing the work myself (big mistake).  We had completed down to about the last 20% of the total job. That’s when I realized it just wasn’t going to work. Then we brought in the contractors who got a big kick out of how we had done things. As soon as they saw the work, the contractors said we would have to be DONE, before our work was UNDONE and they could get it REDONE!  Of course my budget was OVER-DONE because this was of course was going to cost more money.

Look, if you’ve got good quality contractors, let them do their jobs. Don’t try to do their job for them. I tried and even the things I was good at diverted my time and energy from growing my business.  You know, I was working IN my business and not ON my business.

During this time I learned a valuable but hard-learned lesson, I discovered that the real estate market and the housing market aren’t nearly as simple as they seem. They are simple in that they are very straightforward but there are so many moving pieces that change from job to job. Just like I needed to depend on my contractors to help me in my business, you might find yourself in a position to depend on some help as well.

There are all sorts of reasons that people fail in real estate, but the biggest one by far is fear. Fear is usually caused by a lack of confidence. This is why I’d like to offer you the ultimate companion to my book, myself!

By working personally with you as one of my Consulting Clients, I can provide the necessary one-on-one time to guide you along the way and make sure you achieve success as quickly as possible.  To learn more about my services or to buy my helpful eBook about securing money partners, visit my website